Our offer

What we can do for you ?

We have a great experience in creating developed website and mobile applications, online shops and responsive websites. For several years of our activity, we’ve completed projects in various stages of advancement, in collaboration with numerous companies.

We approach each client individually, we propose an analysis and consulting needs in order to choose the suitable technology and design the comprehensive architecture and communication between systems so that the given solutions are the most useful ones.

We love our work, we treat customers as partners, it’s time we take care of your business. Take a few minutes to browse through our portfolio and familiarize yourself with the offer.

Responsive websites

Websites that we create are fully adapted to both computers and mobile devices. You can be certain that your site will be easily available on smartphones and will be in the google search. By using the system to edit content (CMS)WordPress you can simply edit the contents of your page at any time, and it will facilitate its positioning on the Internet.


When creating online stores we use tested solutions, for example WooCommerce. Every store we build is fully responsive. We also provide integration with selected payment systems. We can also help you to integrate the store with portals such as: Allegro or Ceneo.

Web application

The main area of our work is designing web portals. We have a lot of social networking sites that support external sources such as facebook with several dozen of users. We will prepare for you a fully optimized, efficient and based on the latest technology portal. We use various technologies, such as Symfony2 (PHP), AngularJS.

Mobile applications

If you would like to create a mobile application to spice up your product or create it on the basis of an application you could not find a better place. Our programmers have already created advanced, dedicated applications but also simpler apps for a specific operating system. We are not afraid to face iOS or Java (Android)!

Advanced business solutions

Make the management of your business simpler. Especially for you, we will create a dedicated system which development requires a considerable expertise and commitment - we have it! We specialize in several technologies: (Spring), Android (Java), PHP (Symfony2), JS (angularJS), C# (WPF, PRISM).